happy birthday tmf

happy birthday tmf

I’ve never been big on birthdays but it seems rude not to celebrate the 8th birthday of my little business and all the ways it has made my life more whole.

The date is a bit woolly because actually taylor-made fitness started a little bit before this, and in terms of planning a lot sooner than this date, but I choose to celebrate on 1st October because that was the date of my first proper early-morning bootcamp in 2010. A few of you that were with me then are still with me now, and I am truly grateful for your continued support.

bootcamp barre pilates

(from bootcamp to barre)

Having a small business is a bit like having a dog in that I can look back at all the times it has been there while life has taken shape. Over the past eight years two of my children have left home, various pets have arrived, two grand-children have been born, my Mum has passed away and I like to hope I have grown a little too. As all of life has unfolded, I think that taylor-made fitness has undergone its own unfolding, reshaping, growing, changing and settling process.

On a personal level, 2018 has without a doubt been (and perhaps continues to be) my toughest year, and there have been many times that I have wanted to run away. One of the things that has kept me rooted has been my business and all of the fabulous people that are involved in it – ie. you. I know I haven’t always been at my best this year, and feel so grateful for all your patience and kindness along the way, but I hope that the time we have shared has still added value to your life and helps you to feel better about your body.

At the start of this year a friend advised me that this was my time to be fallow. I didn’t fully understand what she meant at the time but as the year has unfolded I realise that she was so right. I have tried to live quietly and gently, giving myself space and time to get used to my changed family dynamic and I feel as though I’ve recently started to turn a corner, ready to look ahead again. As I’m writing this my 2019 diary is sitting next to me on the dining room table and I’m ready to take taylor-made fitness onwards into a fresh new year…

What next?

Before I wish away the end of 2018, I’m going to make some tmf birthday celebration treats for PT and class clients on Monday, and maybe you could start thinking about how you want to spend the remaining 94 days (& counting) of this year…

  • what are you going to do with them?
  • what needs to happen to bring you’re year to a strong finish?
  • what can you do today to help you get where you want to go?

Here’s to birthdays, and celebrating progress, and looking back & looking forwards, a little bit older and hopefully a little wiser Jx