green soup

In February I started following a blending/smoothie plan (see my separate blog post to find out more) and although I am still blending sometimes, the thing that has stuck the longest is green soup for lunch. I have it nearly every day! It fills me up, loads my body with nutrients and is just the easiest thing to make.

Simple green soup:

This idea originally came from Jason Vale – I think it came up in one of his juice plans  and this is my version of a simple green soup, which is effectively a hot smoothie!

You will need some green vegetables (you knew that already!) – I use whatever is in the fridge/freezer: peas, fresh or frozen spinach, fresh or frozen broccoli, leeks (washed & sliced), fresh or frozen kale, a few stems of asparagus, cabbage, broad beans…really whatever you have.

You might want to add some fresh or frozen herbs at the blending stage – basil is great, mint would work too. I also add a little chopped garlic (I have the cheat version in a jar in the fridge but you could drop in a whole fresh clove). You could add spices if you like them.

You will need some stock – I use vegetable bouillon powder but you could use chicken/ham stock.

I add creamed coconut to give it a creamy flavour but this is optional.

Here’s what you do:

  • bring the stock to a boil in a pan (I have it coming about half way up the side of the pan and then fill the pan with vegetables)
  • add all the vegetables (frozen ones in the bottom, tougher ones next, leafier ones on the top where they will steam) & garlic/spices is you’re using them
  • bring back to the boil then simmer for 3-5 minutes – enough to heat through & cook the frozen vegetables and soften any leafy vegetables, but still keep the green colour
  • stir in a chunk of creamed coconut (I cut about 1” off a standard-sized block) & allow it a few moments to melt
  • ladle everything into your blender & blitz until smooth
  • pour back into the pan, check and adjust the seasoning, add more liquid if it’s too thick and gently reheat if needed
  • if you like a bit of texture in your soup you could add a topping (toasted sunflower seeds, crispy shallots, croutons) or add something to your soup after blending (peas, cooked rice, softened leeks, tinned cannellini beans or chick peas…)
  • enjoy!

I make a batch of this every 2-3 days. I use what I need when I make it, put the rest in the fridge to reheat the next day. I tend to add cooked black rice or sweetcorn when I’m reheating it rather than when I make the whole batch.

If you’re short on time, plan ahead by making a batch at the same time as you are preparing your evening meal, and then it will be ready & waiting for lunch the next day Jx