my story

I am Jane Taylor!

I was a late starter where fitness and exercise is concerned.

I totally hated sports and PE when I was at school – I wasn’t one of the ‘in-crowd’ who were in every team and I felt completely excluded. Running up and down a muddy hockey pitch in a very short skirt and very big gym knickers was definitely not my idea of fun!

However, right after my youngest son was born I found myself at home for the first time ever and I really struggled to know what to do with myself.

In my previous life I had been a chef and hadn’t even taken maternity leave before – on each occasion I just had my baby and took them to work with me a week or so later!  This time around I was hemmed-in by school times but my days seemed to stretch endlessly from drop-off to pick-up. I felt trapped by my life and became very unhappy and felt disconnected from the outside world.

Exercise was quite literally my saviour…

I signed up to my local leisure centre and started attending fitness classes. Soon I was going 6 days a week, doing two hours at a time! It became my reason for getting up, a place where I met like-minded people and somewhere that I felt I belonged. It was an added bonus that I got into the best shape of my life and I loved how my body looked and felt. An added benefit was that my mental health improved at the same time.

Inspired by how much exercise had made a positive impact on my life, I went on to train as an ‘exercise to music’ instructor. I love the fact that this enables me to share my passion and enthusiasm for fitness and to help other people discover the many positive benefits of exercise too.

Since then my career in fitness has gone from strength to strength. From my passion for teaching I began working on the gym floor, spent 10 years in leisure management and then managed a gym for several years before setting up taylor-made fitness in 2010.

At every stage, the thing I have loved the most is seeing the difference that movement can make to everyone who tries it, regardless of their initial goal, their previous experience or their age.

I passionately believe that movement unlocks the door to:

  • mobility
  • improved physical & mental health
  • better sleep
  • increased self-esteem
  • improved digestive health
  • body confidence
  • independence in old age…

What else do you know that can do all that?!

I continually invest in further education and professional development so that I can deliver the very best health & wellness service to my clients. The more I learn the more I realise I have to learn and my business is constantly evolving as a result, but within this process my focus is very much on:

  • assessing and addressing postural alignment so that you can gain improved movement for every-day living and get the biggest benefit from your workouts, regardless of your goals
  • creating personal training experiences which offer you individualised, targeted results using a wide range of training techniques
  • offering Fitness Pilates to release postural restrictions, reduce stress and strengthen core muscles – it is the perfect complement to more dynamic forms of exercise
  • delivering Kettlercise classes to help you reach your fitness and fat-loss goals
  • providing a safe space for & the highest standard of clinical massage therapy so that you can feel reconnected to your body

I look forward to sharing my passion for movement and massage with you.

Qualifications & training

General certification

  • First Aid at Work certificate (valid to Nov 2019)
  • covered by public liability, malpractice and professional indemnity insurance


  • certificate in Pregnancy Massage with Jing May 2017
  • workshop on Massage for Scar Tissue with Jing May 2017
  • successful completion of my Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy certification with Jing – April 2017 (click here for details of training covered)
  • attended Burrell Education ‘Woman on Fire’ event March 2017
  • currently studying Advanced Post Natal certification with Burrell Education


  • Burrell Education Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage & Remedial Therapy November 2016
  • Full ACMT certification – on-going study with Jing Advanced Massage Training April 2016-17
  • Bodywork Beginnings certification with Jing Advanced Massage Training May 2016
  • Be Activated level 2 certificate March 2015
  • Be Activated level 1 certificate November 2014
  • Kettlercise & Kettlercise H.Core certifications
  • Level 3 Pilates Matwork Diploma
  • Hypopresives Method – fundamentals, advanced & expert certifications
  • Kinetic Chain Specialist level 1, 2 & 3
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Metabolic Effect – Indoor Group Training, Outdoor Group Training & PT qualifications
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise level 3
  • Level 2 certificate in Fitness Pilates
  • Faster Diploma in Functional Movement
  • TRX level 1 Instructor
  • ICE Advanced Cycling Instructor
  • Boxercise – Instructor, Kick-boxing Instructor & Personal Trainer certifications
  • Wright Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation (REPS level 4 Specialist Instructor)
  • Mobilis Normalise Phase Certificate
  • Wright Foundation Referral Programme Consultant (GP Referral)
  • Spinning Instructor
  • BOSU Foundation Certificate
  • NVQ Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor with Nutrition
  • YMCAFit Yoga Inspired Fitness
  • BTS Body Pump, Body Step & RPM
  • Speedo Shallow Wave with mitt & Deep Wave with mitt
  • RSA Basic Certificate in Teaching of Exercise to Music