sports & clinical massage

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I offer sports & clinical massage for the treatment of exercise-related injuries, general soft-tissue niggles & chronic conditions such as low back pain, neck & shoulder tension, knee & hip pain. I am also certified to offer pregnancy and post-natal massage and work with post-operative scar tissue. I am also certified to work with oncology patients, during and after their treatment.

Massage may offer you:

  • reduced pain – ideal for relieving low back pain, neck & shoulder tension, hip and leg pain, carpal tunnel and foot & ankle pain
  • improved sleep duration & quality
  • improved mobility
  • a feeling of deep relaxation
  • stress-reduction
  • a sense of wellness & connection
  • emotional support – the feeling of being ‘held’

Each massage follows a holistic path, covering the whole body, but with specific focus on any areas of concern. I use a fusion of different massage styles combined with fascial release techniques, trigger point work and gentle stretching.

I have created a massage therapy room in my home to offer you a calm and peaceful space where you can hang up your life for an hour while I work with you to get you moving more comfortably again. I am based in Cranbrook.

Who will benefit from a sports & clinical massage treatment?

In an increasingly technological world we can sometimes feel disconnected from ourselves and the people around us. The power of touch is truly magical and massage is a perfect way to re-connect to ourselves and enhance feelings of self-esteem.

Massage is ideal for everyone including:

  • people with chronic pain or postural issues
  • those who regularly take part in sport or exercise (cyclists, runners, swimmers, fitness enthusiasts, active teenagers, etc)
  • anyone coping with chronic stress, sleep problems or fatigue
  • busy people (office workers, busy mums, frequent drivers, etc)
  • women who are pregnant or post-natal

Appointment availability:

My regular hours are shown below but I can sometimes offer alternative times, so please ask if you cannot make these times work:

  • Tuesdays 3pm-9pm
  • Thursdays 3pm-8.30pm

Appointments are available as 60 minutes or 75 minutes duration so you can decide whether you’d like a longer treatment.

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I have COVID safety guidelines in place to keep us both safe during your treatment

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your appointment prior to booking –

What are clients saying about their massage treatments with me?

“After my massage yesterday I took the dog for a walk and felt totally invigorated. It was such a beautiful evening and I felt I was walking and moving freely – definitely a ‘good to be alive’ moment.  I feel absolutely exhausted this morning although I slept like a log.  There might be something in this massage thing!’ Mike

‘Thank you for a really great massage today. I feel a million dollars and you have released something in my lower back” Richard

“I thoroughly enjoyed my massage on Wednesday. I loved your room with its music, candles and relaxing calming atmosphere. The massage was a good mix of pushing, pulling and massaging with perfect pressure. You came across as confident, knowledgeable and reassuring. I drove home feeling really ‘uplifted’ and happy” Kate

“Thank you so much for the wonderful massage this morning. I feel very, very relaxed and my neck/shoulders haven’t felt this good in a long time. I decided to have a ten minute cat-nap earlier and two hours later woke up from an incredibly deep sleep! It was like a fabulous Ayurvedic massage in India.” Leah

“The massage was fantastic. I felt much looser and very calm! Also a few people commented that I was looking slim!” Holly

“I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for ages after having my massage – 10 and a half hours – which just shows how relaxed I felt afterwards! A niggle with my back was fully resolved thanks to your healing hands. I would definitely recommend this service.” Hilary