personal training

Personal training sessions are perfect for you if you’d like to work on your general fitness or work towards a specific fitness goal, regardless of your current fitness level or previous exercise experience.

But personal training is not always about fitness! Your goal might be to develop core and back strength or improve your flexibility and I can cover all of those aspects too. Pilates can be really effective on a one-to-one basis, as all the focus is on what your body needs.

One-to-one sessions help you to stay focused on how you move so that you get the best use of your time. Ideally you will also be doing some regular exercise in between your PT sessions, and I can help with that too so that you can fit in movement as part of your everyday life.

Online or in-person?

Sessions are delivered in-person and/or online (via zoom) giving you flexibility over when and how you train. Both options work really well.

  • in-person sessions need to take place in a well-ventilated or outdoor space at your home, but can also be arranged for an outdoor space nearby
  • online sessions will obviously require you to have an internet connection in a space that is suitable for your session; you will also need some fitness equipment but this is good to have to use between sessions too

Benefits of personal training

Personal training is an excellent way to achieve results because:

  • there is an individual focus on you
  • sessions are built around your personal needs
  • training times can fit around your schedule & vary week-to-week if needed
  • you don’t have to travel
  • there’s no hiding place in a PT session – you are literally front & centre!

What does personal training involve?

The content of your training sessions will vary around your needs. I will use a range of training techniques based on the space, time and equipment that you have available, to ensure that you stay on track.

Sessions will include whatever you need on any given day, whether that is some release work for areas of tension in your body or being pushed to work a little bit harder!

We will incorporate a wide range of different styles of training to keep you mentally and physically engaged.

Is it for me?

Personal training is perfect if you are training towards a specific goal, because every session will be ‘taylor-made’ for you – whether you want to improve your health on advice from your doctor, strengthen specific areas of your body, improve your posture or just generally find time to move more.

Personal training will give you support & keep you focused. Making lifestyle changes takes time and effort – the more support you have around you, the more you are likely to reach your goals.

How can I help?

If you would like to discuss your personal training requirements, please drop me an email via the link at the bottom of the page.

We will start with an informal chat over the phone, followed by an online consultation to discuss training in more detail and complete a health screening process.

I look forward to working with you.