online & in-person classes

Classes are delivered as in-person sessions and online via live-streaming. 

Term-time in-person courses are available for Fitness Pilates, so that if you prefer to exercise away from your house, you can now do so. All sessions will be delivered in line with the latest COVID guidelines.

Online classes provide an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise in the comfort of your own home and the convenience of joining in when it suits you (either live or via the recordings which you can access after the class).

Current class timetable:

In-person & online sessions are currently scheduled as follows:

  • Mondays
    • online Functional Fitness 7pm (via zoom)
    • Fitness Pilates 8.15pm – Benenden village hall (term-time only)
  • Tuesdays
    • online Metabolic Bootcamp 7am (via zoom)
  • Wednesdays
    • online Fitness Pilates 7pm (via zoom)
  • Fridays
    • online Metabolic Bootcamp 7am (via zoom)
    • Fitness Pilates 10am – Kilndown village hall (term-time only)

Pilates classes:

Several of my sessions are Pilates-based because I believe the principles of Pilates offer us the chance to create a strong foundation as the basis for all our movement patterns in every day life.

Regardless of your fitness level, your age or how you spend your days, Pilates offers you the following benefits:

  • improved posture through muscle strength & tone
  • a focus on core stability
  • increased mobility
  • relief of stress and postural tension
  • exercises to complement other types of fitness
  • rehabilitation of injury, alongside your relevant health care practitioner

Please click here for further details about my Pilates classes

Fitness classes:

You do not need to be fit to join these classes, because they are taught with options to suit all levels and cater for differing individual needs.

The format of these classes varies week-to-week, but it will always promote:

  • improved cardio-vascular (heart & lung) fitness
  • low impact exercises which are kind to your joints and pelvic floor muscles
  • a focus on core stability
  • increased lean muscle tone for a change to your body shape
  • release of feel-good hormones

Please click on the links below for further details:

How do I connect online?

For the live-streamed sessions you will need an internet connection and either your laptop, tablet or mobile.

When you book a class you will be sent a link to access the live session. It will take you through the set-up if you haven’t used Zoom before.

Please note: I will be able to see you in the class so please get dressed!

You will need enough space move about comfortably. Ideally you will be in a separate space to children, pets and other distractions.

The recorded sessions can be watched on any of your devices.