online fitness for women

I offer three online fitness classes per week, designed specifically with women in mind.

Online classes provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise in the comfort of your own home and the convenience of joining in when it suits you (either live-streamed via Zoom or using the recordings which you can access after the class).

Fitness class timetable:

Classes are offered at the following times (see class descriptions below):

  • Mondays at 7pm – 40-fit
  • Tuesdays at 7am – metabolic fitness 1
  • Fridays at 7am – metabolic fitness 2

Sessions are designed with women in mind – promoting cardio-vascular health, mental wellbeing, strength, core stability, lean muscle tone and bone density, all of which become more important as we age.

Exercises are low-impact so that they are kind to your joints and pelvic floor muscles. Exercise variations are offered throughout each class so that you can enjoy the moves which are best for your body.

All classes are just 30 or 40 minutes long so that you can get your workout done and get on with your day.

Class descriptions:

  • 40-fit – a 40-minute class with a changing format to give you a varied workout every time. Some weeks we will use dumb-bells, other times we will include more body-weight exercises; sometimes we will only focus on one area of the body for the whole class (eg a core session or a lower body workout); the structure of the class will also change from week-to-week. You’ll never quite know what to expect from a 40-fit class but you’ll always be glad you did it!
  • Metabolic Fitness (1 & 2) – a 30-minute high intensity, low impact, fat-burning fitness class using a pair of dumb-bells and compound moves (moving more than one muscle group at the same time). It is a self-paced workout which is ideal for maintaining lean muscle and bone strength, as well as improving cardio-vascular health. It is a super-effective, time-efficient workout which will help your body to burn more calories both during & after the class.

Book a class:

Online fitness classes can be booked here.

When you book a class you will be sent the link to join the live-streamed session. If you prefer to join at a later time, you will receive an email with a link to the zoom recording which is valid for 7 days.

‘move more’ membership:

If you regularly attend two or more of my online fitness classes per week, the ‘move more’ monthly membership package give you a cost-effective option and maximum flexibility.

This package gives you access to the 12 fitness sessions each month. You will be able to join the live-streamed sessions via zoom and access all the recordings in your membership area, for up to 8 weeks.

The membership package gives you the option to repeat classes that you have enjoyed the most or catch-up on sessions that you were unable to join live, giving you flexible options to suit your lifestyle.

Find out more:

How do I connect online?

For the live-streamed sessions you will need an internet connection and either your laptop, tablet or mobile.

When you book a class you will be sent a link to access the live session. It will take you through the set-up if you haven’t used Zoom before.

Please note: I will be able to see you in the class so please get dressed!

You will need enough space move about comfortably. Ideally you will be in a separate space to children, pets and other distractions.

The recorded sessions can be watched on any of your devices.