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“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young” Joseph Pilates

What is Fitness Pilates?

shoulder bridge with leg extensionFitness Pilates utilizes all of the principles and includes many of the mat work exercises in traditional Pilates, but offers modifications, diversifications and updated exercises to provide a controlled body-conditioning program appropriate for the general public.

Fitness Pilates is not clinical or diagnostic but will help with generally strengthening and lengthening the body and reducing postural imbalance.

Fitness Pilates brings together mind and body and offers you the chance to ‘hang up your life’ for 60 minutes and focus on how your body moves & feels.

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body” Joseph Pilates

Each short course will enable you to develop and progress each exercise at your individual pace for optimum results. It is up to you whether you opt for one course or continue onto the next, but current clients will always be offered priority booking so that they can continue if they wish to.

How does it fit in with other Pilates programs?

Fitness Pilates is aimed at all levels, ages and abilities. It sits very well alongside clinical Pilates sessions where the focus is more on rehabilitation, and it is also an excellent introduction to classical Pilates for those who have not tried it before.

Fitness Pilates is an excellent addition to any exercise routine, giving you the opportunity to train your body in a less ‘mechanical’ way. It provides a perfect balance to more physical forms of exercise and helps participants to develop a stronger connection with their bodies.

What does a Fitness Pilates session involve?

A typical Fitness Pilates class is taught to music and consists of the following components:the saw

  • warm up/mobilisation/mental and physical preparation
  • standing Fitness Pilates functional exercises
  • mat work Fitness Pilates exercises
  • cool down and relaxation

What should I wear/bring?

  • you will need comfortable clothing which stretches to allow you to move freely
  • ideally you will have several light layers so that you can remove them as you get warm and add them back on for the relaxation section
  • you will need bare feet for the session but bring socks for the relaxation section
  • you might want to bring a bottle of water with you
  • you will need to bring a yoga mat with you as not all venues have mats available

When are the sessions?

I currently offer Fitness Pilates in the following venues.

  • Benenden (Mondays 8.10-9.10pm)
  • Iden Green (Fridays 10.20-11.20am)

Click here to see a list of proposed Fitness Pilates courses in 2017

I also offer private Fitness Pilates sessions – please contact me ( if you are interested in setting up regular sessions for yourself or for a small group with your friends/colleagues.


As each course becomes available to book (typically 2 weeks before the end of the current block) you will find availability via the link below.

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Fitness Pilates extra information:

Please click here to access hand-outs and home workouts to help your understanding and practice of Fitness Pilates

Small equipment to use at home:

If you would like to practice Fitness Pilates at home between sessions you might like to buy some of the small equipment we use in class. I have small inflatable balls (approx. 7-8″ diameter), prickly balls and medium resistance stretch bands available to order.

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Please note items will be brought to your next session & will not be posted to you.

Fitness Pilates client testimonials:

“I have really enjoyed the FP classes – my daughter nagged me for ages about the benefits of Pilates. Thank you” Anne

“I think that my FP sessions have improved my posture and as a consequence my knees and hips are better. My balance is also starting to get better. I also find the deep breathing helps me to sleep better” Wendy

“Persistent neck pain has certainly been eased, plus general overall level of activity has increased as a result of my FP sessions” Peter

“I used to hate Pilates and avoided it like the plague, but now you’ve taught me to love it. Thank you!” Abigail

“I’m really enjoying the Fitness Pilates sessions on Wednesday mornings – they make me feel great all day and are a great de-stresser.” Mark

“Within a few weeks, my body is not feeling so fragile any more. I am very happy! I have really enjoyed doing Pilates with you.” Saara

“I have done Pilates before whilst pregnant and had forgotten the benefits I felt from it. It is a great chance to stretch and strengthen the core at the same time. I really enjoyed the course and felt it complemented other exercise like bootcamp and running.” Suzy

“I did not really know what to expect as I had never experienced a Pilates course before but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to family and friends. I thought your teaching was superb – helpful, encouraging, friendly and knowledgeable but not intrusive.” Angie

“I really, really enjoyed the course and felt I benefited enormously – relaxing me and improving my posture and very tense shoulders, etc. Looking forward to the next course.” Helen

“I like the different ways you explained how to think about the core muscles. Loved the soothing music.” Angela

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