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massage therapyIn April 2017 I successfully completed my Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy certificate with Jing and now offer clinical massage for the treatment of chronic pain. I am also certified to offer pregnancy and post-natal massage and work with post-operative scar tissue.

I absolutely love this work.


Being trusted with your body is an incredible privilege and one which I do not take lightly. I aim to work with kindness and the utmost respect at all times, working with you to move you away from pain. As a sometimes-reluctant massage client myself I am very aware of the courage it can take to ‘give yourself’ to a therapist and I strive to ensure that you always feel that you are in safe hands during your treatment.

Clinical massage offers you:

  • reduced pain – ideal for relieving low back pain, neck & shoulder tension, hip and leg pain, carpal tunnel and foot & ankle pain
  • improved sleep duration & quality
  • improved mobility
  • a feeling of deep relaxation
  • stress-reduction
  • a sense of wellness & connection
  • emotional support – the feeling of being ‘held’

achilles heel

Each massage follows a holistic path, covering the whole body, but with specific focus on any areas of concern. I use a fusion of different massage styles combined with fascial release techniques, trigger point work and gentle stretching.

I have created a massage therapy room in my home to offer you a calm and peaceful space where you can hang up your life for an hour while I work with you to reduce your pain. I am based in Cranbrook.

Who will benefit from a clinical massage treatment?

In an increasingly technological world we can sometimes feel disconnected from ourselves and the people around us. The power of touch is truly magical and massage is a perfect way to re-connect to ourselves and enhance feelings of self-esteem.

Massage is ideal for everyone including:

  • people with chronic pain or postural issues
  • those who regularly take part in sport or exercise (cyclists, runners, swimmers, fitness enthusiasts, active teenagers, etc)
  • anyone coping with chronic stress, sleep problems or fatigue
  • busy people (office workers, busy mums, frequent drivers, etc)
  • women who are pregnant or post-natal

How to book

Clinical massage treatments can be booked online here:

book a massage

You will be taken to my booking page to select your treatment time and date, along with your preferred appointment duration. There is an option to pay online when you book or to pay at the time of your treatment.

In addition to one-off massage appointments, I also offer two treatment packages which can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for someone else. You will find all the details here

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What are clients saying about their massage treatments with me?

“After my massage yesterday I took the dog for a walk and felt totally invigorated. It was such a beautiful evening and I felt I was walking and moving freely – definitely a ‘good to be alive’ moment.  I feel absolutely exhausted this morning although I slept like a log.  There might be something in this massage thing!’ Mike

‘Thank you for a really great massage today. I feel a million dollars and you have released something in my lower back Richard

“I thoroughly enjoyed my massage on Wednesday. I loved your room with its music, candles and relaxing calming atmosphere. The massage was a good mix of pushing, pulling and massaging with perfect pressure. You came across as confident, knowledgeable and reassuring. I drove home feeling really ‘uplifted’ and happy Kate

“Thank you so much for the wonderful massage this morning. I feel very, very relaxed and my neck/shoulders haven’t felt this good in a long time. I decided to have a ten minute cat-nap earlier and two hours later woke up from an incredibly deep sleep! It was like a fabulous Ayurvedic massage in India.” Leah

“The massage was fantastic. I felt much looser and very calm! Also a few people commented that I was looking slim!” Holly

“I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for ages after having my massage – 10 and a half hours – which just shows how relaxed I felt afterwards! A niggle with my back was fully resolved thanks to your healing hands. I would definitely recommend this service.” Hilary