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“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young”Joseph Pilates

What is Fitness Pilates?

matwork pilatesFitness Pilates takes the original mat-work exercises and brings them up-to-date by adding functional adaptations, 3-dimensional movements and a whole-body focus. Over time you can expect to see improved flexibility and mobility, a stronger core and a better back. No previous experience is necessary.

It is not a clinical or diagnostic class but will help with generally strengthening and lengthening the body and reducing postural imbalance.

Fitness Pilates brings together mind and body and offers you the chance to ‘hang up your life’ for 60 minutes and focus on how your body moves & feels.

What is Core Pilates?

Core Pilates is a 30-minute class that promotes core strength & stability and natural alignment through the body. We will target the core muscles using different positions and different planes of movement. Progressions and regressions will be offered for each exercise so that you can find the right level for you. Some previous experience of Pilates is helpful, but not essential.

How does it fit in with other Pilates programs?

Fitness Pilates is aimed at all levels, ages and abilities. It sits very well alongside clinical Pilates sessions where the focus is more on rehabilitation, and it is also an excellent introduction for those who have not tried Pilates before.

Fitness Pilates is an excellent addition to any exercise routine, giving you the opportunity to train your body in a less ‘mechanical’ way. It provides a perfect balance to more physical forms of exercise and helps participants to develop a stronger connection with their bodies.

All my classes are SpineSafe™

mat-work pilatesSpineSafe Pilates is based on the same principles as traditional pilates, combined with up-to-date research from the world of physiotherapy. It promotes core & pelvic stability, shoulder-girdle stabilisation & natural alignment through the body, with a view to reducing pain, improving mobility and strengthening the core muscles.

All my Fitness Pilates classes take a SpineSafeapproach, meaning that they are suitable for clients who have spinal issues, age-related degeneration or injury.

My Fitness Pilates classes sit very well alongside the work of your health care practitioner in supporting your spine health. All participants are required to complete a detailed health questionnaire prior to starting a course and I will discuss your specific needs with you.

What does a Fitness Pilates session involve?

Classes are taught online via live-streaming and recorded sessions. You will need enough space to lie down with your legs fully extended and arms out to the sides.

Each class typically consists of the following components:

  • warm up/mobilisation/mental and physical preparation
  • standing functional exercises
  • mat work exercises
  • relaxation section

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body” Joseph Pilates

What should I wear?

spinesafe pilates

  • you will need comfortable clothing which stretches to allow you to move freely
  • ideally you will have several light layers so that you can remove them as you get warm and add them back on for the relaxation section
  • bare feet are ideal but you may prefer to wear socks
  • you might want to have a glass of water available
  • you will need a yoga mat and a small towel/cushion

When are the sessions?

Online Fitness Pilates:

  • Mondays 8pm
  • Wednesdays 7pm

Online Core Pilates:

  • Fridays at 8am


Classes are booked online. Payment can be made as a one-off booking or via my monthly subscription class pass.

  • subscription details can be found here
  • classes can be booked here