membership area

If you have a subscription to taylor-made fitness you can ‘attend’ an unlimited number of online classes and access all recordings which can be found in the membership area

accessing your membership content:

To access the filmed content, you will need to enter the password which will be sent separately. If you think you are a member but have not received the password, please let me know. Please do not share the password with anyone as the membership area is available for paid subscription members only.

online classes:

Book online classes here

  • add your certificate code when booking so that you are not charged for your class
    • you can find this code on your subscription confirmation email but it will also be saved in my booking pages if you have set up an account
  • when you book a class, you will automatically receive an email with a ‘rough recording’ shortly afterwards
    • this is not of the same quality as the recordings in your membership area, but will give you earlier access
    • these recordings are only available for 7 days
  • if you don’t plan to ‘attend’ on-line you do not need to book – simply access the membership site for your filmed content, which will usually be uploaded the following day
  • you will not need to add passwords for individual recordings in the membership area

additional resources:

how to feel better

Here are some resources which have been useful to me:

Please let me know if you have any problems at all accessing the membership area or individual class recordings