HI-LI fitness circuit

HI-LI fitness circuit

This is a high intensity, low impact fitness class – like HIIT but better!

Circuit-style classes are a great way to boost your fitness in a relatively short space of time, but sometimes the dynamic & repetitive nature of the exercises can be too demanding for our bodies, stirring up under-lying injuries or causing problems at a later date.

Hi-Li Fitness CircuitMy HI-LI fitness circuit class will focus on exercises which do not involve impact – so no running or jumping. We will use different training techniques & adaptations so that you can increase your heart-rate in a way which does not aggravate any joint, pelvic floor or postural issues that you may have.

The exercises will vary every week but will always be safe and effective for anyone who wants to get fitter without adversely over-loading their body. If you have any concerns about whether the class is suitable for you, please email me prior to joining the class so that we can discuss your situation.

This 45-minute class will boost your cardio-vascular fitness and tone the whole body, using a variety of equipment and body-weight exercises. All ages and fitness abilities are welcome and you will work at your own pace throughout.

glutes squeeze

What should I wear/bring?

  • you will need suitable fitness clothing and supportive shoes (or bare feet)
  • it is best to remove watches, rings, and other jewellery which will get in your way
  • you will definitely need to bring a bottle of water with you
  • it is important to bring a small towel with you so that you do not leave a puddle of sweat on the mat for the next person to lie in! If you don’t bring a towel you won’t get the option to lie down…

When are the sessions?

Please refer to my class timetable for the session time and venue


As each term-time course becomes available to book you will find availability here:

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Once a term has started, availability will not show up but it may be possible for you to join part way through the course – please contact me for details (link below)