mat-work pilates classesWhen I very first became involved in the world of fitness I was drawn to group classes at a local sports centre and I loved the experience of exercising with other people like me.  It is probably no surprise then that I still enjoy teaching classes today.

All my classes are booked as termly courses so that your space is guaranteed every week. They provide an affordable option for you if you would like the benefits of regular training within a supportive, small group setting.

Current class timetable

class timetable

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Pilates classes:

Three of my weekly classes are Pilates-based because I believe the principles of Pilates offer us the chance to create a strong foundation as the basis for all our movement patterns in every day life. Regardless of your fitness level, your age or how you spend your days, Pilates offers you the following benefits:

  • improved posture through muscle strength & tone
  • a focus on core stability
  • increased mobility
  • relief of stress and postural tension
  • exercises to complement other types of fitness
  • rehabilitation of injury, alongside your relevant health care practitioner

barre pilates classes

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I also teach a low impact class which has more focus on cardio-vascular fitness. You do not need to be fit to join the class, as it is taught in an adaptable way with options to suit all levels and cater for differing individual needs. I will be there to encourage you but you choose how hard you want to work.

The format of this class varies week-to-week, but it will always promote:

  • improved cardio-vascular (heart & lung) fitness
  • low impact exercises which are kind to your joints and pelvic floor muscles
  • a focus on core stability
  • increased lean muscle tone for a change to your body shape
  • exercises to re-enforce functional movement patterns
  • release of feel-good hormones

kettlebell triceps extPlease click on the link for further details:

HI-LI* Fitness Circuit (*high intensity; low impact)