client testimonials

Here’s a sample of client testimonials from happy tmf participants.

If you would like to add your own testimonial, please email me your feedback. I will regularly update this page and add a selection of new comments.

“Thank you for a really great massage today. I feel a million dollars and you have released something in my lower back” Richard

“I thoroughly enjoyed my massage on Wednesday. I loved your room with its music, candles and relaxing calming atmosphere. The massage was a good mix of pushing, pulling and massaging with perfect pressure.  Considering you are so recently trained, you came across as confident, knowledgeable and reassuring. I drove home feeling really ‘uplifted’ and happy” Kate

“Thank you so much for the wonderful massage this morning. I feel very, very relaxed and my neck/shoulders haven’t felt this good in a long time. I decided to have a ten minute cat-nap earlier and two hours later woke up from an incredibly deep sleep! It was like a fabulous Ayurvedic massage in India.” Leah

“The massage was fantastic. I felt much looser and very calm! Also a few people commented that I was looking slim!” Holly

“I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for ages after having my massage – 10 and a half hours – which just shows how relaxed I felt afterwards! A niggle with my back was fully resolved thanks to your healing hands. I would definitely recommend this service.” Hilary

“Since joining your class it’s the first time I feel I’ve truly made a permanent change to my fitness and well being and it’s stuck. I love it. There are not many people that would get me on a field, skiving work to exercise but you have! The inspiration and motivation you have given me to become a fitness fan will stay with me always. You have transformed me and my attitude towards fitness. You are a fantastic teacher” Nicola

“Thank you for getting me on the fitness ‘train’…..I think in the years to come I will appreciate it even more” Rosie

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy  your Fitness Pilates classes and to thank you for being such a brilliant teacher” Sally

“Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last year. I owe you a great deal!” Petra

“Thank you so very much for everything you do. You’ve helped me every step of the way these last couple of years and I couldn’t have done it without you” Claire

“You’ve been an inspiration. I’ll never forget bootcamp mornings in the rain, mud and sunshine. Thank you for trying to pummel the body into shape!” Sally

“My pert bum salutes you for all the squats and lunges you’ve prescribed through the years! Thank you for so many great bootcamp moments. I’ve loved the sessions, your guidance and the social aspect of it all. I’ll miss training with you” Marianne

“Thank you for making exercising such fun – we really do enjoy your Fitness Pilates classes” Anne & Peter

“I have really enjoyed the Kettlercise course & will be back in June. I’m off to India in 10 days time to ‘Hike the Himalayas’ for Breast Cancer Care. I really feel fit as a fiddle & the kettle bell class has really helped…so can’t wait to get trekking. Thank you very much for a great class” Leah

“I am sure your classes have played a huge role in my weight loss and I always feel better for having been to a class, whether its bootcamp or kettlercise.  It is really great for me to have classes which I enjoy (I was never against exercise, just against boredom) so thank you” Rosie

“I started doing hypopresives after having baby number two. I feel much stronger and narrower in the waist, and the looseness I had in my pelvis has gone. It’s actually not that hard to find just 20 minutes in the day, and it so easy because you can do it at home and you don’t have to change or shower as you don’t get sweaty. It’s time in my day just for me, and I find it quite relaxing and meditative” Lisa

“Just a quick note as I prepare for my niece’s wedding. 2 years ago when I joined your bootcamp I never thought that I would have ever gone into Karen Millen to buy a dress, never mind actually be wearing one !!  Today I am standing here with a big grin on my face as I pack my new Karen Millen dress knowing I will feel  and look great on my niece’s wedding day!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH” Sue

“I enjoy all the bootcamp formats you do. The variety and the fact that it is outside makes your classes different from any other exercise classes I have ever attended & the fact that it is at 6.15am is a huge strength as I can get it done before the day has started. You make the sessions very inclusive – just because I am not an exercise keen-y I still feel welcome and don’t feel stupid if I can’t keep up/because I don’t wear the right kit. It is very good – thank you. This is the longest I have ever voluntarily stuck with an exercise class in my life!” Rosie

” I love the sound of the pilates at bootcamp – bring it on!  I was buzzing after bootcamp this morning – obviously just what I need!” Abigail

“I have done Pilates before whilst pregnant and had forgotten the benefits I felt from it. It is a great chance to stretch and strengthen the core at the same time. I really enjoyed the course and felt it complemented other exercise like bootcamp and running.” Suzy

“I did not really know what to expect as I had never experienced a Pilates course before but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to family and friends. I thought your teaching was superb – helpful, encouraging, friendly and knowledgeable but not intrusive.” Angie

“I really, really enjoyed the Fitness Pilates course and felt I benefited enormously – relaxing me and improving my posture and very tense shoulders, etc. Looking forward to the next course.” Helen

“I like the different ways you explained how to think about the core muscles in Fitness Pilates. Loved the soothing music.” Angela

“I am VERY pleased to say…….5 months after I followed your detox I’m still 26cm thinner than when I started!!!!!! I have to say I’m well chuffed 🙂 Also even though I am still indulging in ‘bad’ things, like chocolate (as there is just no substitute!) I am very aware now of what I should and should not be eating and where my food is coming from. You have changed our lives for the better – my husband has been following the detox too and I think he is looking great 🙂 It’s great to know this is a ‘diet’ that really does work with the measurements still down after 5 months” Nita

“After the first 10 days, I had lost 5lbs and 12 cm from my waist, hips, bust and leg measurements. Very pleased with that. More importantly than the figures, I am thinking about what I am eating and trying to take time to have my meals, particularly lunch which I used to rush without even thinking about it.” Petra

“We were buzzing when we got back home from boot camp and thats what I love about it. It makes you feel ‘viby’ and good, so much more positive and full of life! I know we will feel it even more after we do the detox in the new year” Nita

“Thanks for the inspiration – my body shape has definitely changed quite a lot recently since starting the bootcamp session. Even though the early mornings are hard, I do go to work feeling quite invigorated !!” Jo

I am really pleased that I did the detox as it has achieved the results I was hoping for; renewed energy levels and back to pre-baby weight.  I have lost a total of 7 lbs and 13 cm.  The first week was fine until I started to “detox”, and then I felt like I was in the midst of a three day hangover.  But the exercise helped me to push through this, and then things became steadily better. The daily e-mails were helpful, particularly for understanding the science behind the regime; a total re-education about food and what the body needs.  Having completed the detox, I find that I am still following the eating habits and recipes I have learned which is fabulous. I would highly recommend the detox for anyone who wants to get back in control of their body and find those energy levels again Vivienne 

“OMG I did it!! Just back from cycling around Bewl water…the pace was rapid and the hills were steep. I was proud to have made it in one piece – I just don’t want to be my body tomorrow! I HATE TO SAY IT but I think all this training is doing a little good” Julie

“Over the 14 days I have lost 6 ½ lb overall and 1 inch from EACH of the measurements, totalling 5 inches. I am  very pleased with this weight loss and I feel great. I now feel slimmer – my jeans that were far too tight now fit – I have more energy and am more alert. My husband and friends have commented that I look slimmer and generally very well. Going to your classes and being generally active helped with the weight loss too and I feel way more flexible. I want to thank you for the emails and other support – it was great to know you were there in case I needed anything!” Angela

I lost 2.5kg (about 6lb) and 10 inches off my measurements in 14 days. I am very grateful for your encouragement and support – I had never appreciated the highs and lows of living on a diet high in caffeine and sugar and what a vicious circle they can create. I feel less bloated and sluggish now” Nicola

“As an undiagnosed dyslexic with short term memory I have felt uncomfortably nervous at more structured indoor classes and have become aware of mixing up positions or just using the wrong leg!  Jane’s unjudgemental approach to her outdoor bootcamp sessions has made me feel relaxed, happy and energised with  the full endorphin rush. I am already looking forward to my next boot camp.  Another happy bootcamper!” Sue

“Jane, you are an inspiration to us all! I have a pathological loathing of gyms and exercising indoors – the bootcamp concept is ideal for me” Ally

“Finally, I have found a fitness session that suits my needs and really works…..long may it last” Henrietta

“Bootcamp is great fun” Nicole

“I love it even though I ache for about 5 days after each session, but it makes me feel so much better. Thank you! Looking forward to more pain!” Lucinda

“Great Super-Circuits classes – varied and so much fun” Sharon

“I love BootCamp!! And Jane’s instructing!! And I want to take her with us to when we move house!” Veronika

“Although we all moan at you when you say burpees we love you really. Very motivating.” Teletha

“The Early Bootcamp trial session was an early morning blast of fun, fitness and fairness to all attendees! Jane was quickly aware of everyone’s individual fitness and didn’t make us feel unable to keep up. I felt energised until tea-time! Thank you for waking up my week. Can’t believe I have to wait another 2 weeks to do it again!!” Bonny

Really enjoyed the bootcamp session, particularly the variation. It’s especially nice to be out doors. It was a really good taster session today which eased us in nicely” Mark

It was good to hear Jane’s motivating voice again and great to be outside for the Early Bootcamp trial session today.” Liz

“I have known Jane for over 10 years and have regularly attended her Tuesday morning classes which I thoroughly enjoy. She is always enthusiastic and good humoured and certainly motivates me. She is always cheerful and friendly” Gloria

“Jane is cheerful and encouraging to members of all ages and fitness levels.  Her experience and depth of knowledge of her subject give us all confidence.” Alie

“I have never met a more motivated, enthusiastic and fun Fitness Instructor than Jane Taylor. Her style of teaching, encouragement and general good fun mean that the classes always provide a fantastic workout, whilst being incredibly enjoyable.  She encourages a positive environment for the whole class.” Anna

“Jane has made a very real difference to my personal health and fitness. She is a conscientious and dedicated Instructor.” Bernard

“I have known Jane for a couple of years and engaged her on a weekly basis to assist my recovery from a serious back injury. During the period of our weekly sessions together I found her to be extremely professional in regard to the exercise programmes she created for me in conjunction with my physiotherapist. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane Taylor.” Debra

“I have always been impressed by Jane’s professional and welcoming manner, which makes her classes a pleasure to attend. She is positive, humorous and down to earth in her approach and is always ready to help or offer advice if asked. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and the popularity of her Boxercise class is testament to how much people enjoy her work.” Chris

“We have known Jane Taylor for many years since we started attending her Body Pump classes. We were impressed with the way she combined accurate instruction with a fun atmosphere. Nothing was too much trouble in those classes. Growing older we found Body Pump is now beyond us but with Jane’s encouragement we have persisted with the gym. The changes she makes to our workout schedule make our workouts more enjoyable. Jane is always ready to give help when customers have a query on their workout” Jennifer & Drummond

“I find Jane a very professional and extremely motivating Instructor. I have known Jane for several years and in all that time she has been nothing but helpful and very encouraging” Nina

“Jane’s classes are excellent and she shows a genuine interest in everybody’s fitness. She demonstrates complete commitment to her clients and is always keen to encourage people to maximise their workouts and achieve their individual fitness goals.” Jo

“I have been attending Jane’s ‘Look Better Naked’ exercise class for over 3 years. Over the past 20 years I have attended various exercise classes and Jane is definitely one of the best Fitness Instructors I have ever had. She has excellent motivational skills and her knowledge in this field is outstanding. She has always got a smile on her face and her classes are a fun way of keeping fit” Liz

“Jane is approachable and friendly, and goes out of her way to assist those in need of advice regarding fitness or in relation to an injury.  She has the well-being of her clients in mind at all times.” Lisa

“I have attended Jane’s classes for the last 6 years and she has always been an excellent teacher.  She is consistently professional and has an impeccable skill set.” Liz

“Jane took time with me to understand my limitations and used her expertise to agree with me a programme better targeted to my needs. I now get a much better return for my efforts and at a recent review with my physiotherapist at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, there was nothing to add to what I was doing, i.e. it was perfect. She shows enthusiasm and energy for helping all her clients.” Nick

“In my opinion Jane is the most inspirational Instructor. Her classes are always varied, well-planned, exciting and challenging. Jane has been unfailingly helpful and professional when I have asked her for assistance” Lindsey

“I have known Jane since 2007. I attend two of her classes, which I thoroughly enjoy, week in and week out. When taking a class Jane is always good humoured and unfailingly patient with participants not so used to moving in time to music and in the right direction!” Jean

“The help and motivation Jane has given us has been a great help, and the fact that she is there to advise us has been very useful. Motivation is the key word!” Kit, Wendy & Mel

“In the time that I have known Jane (through her work in the gym and by attending her classes) she has been friendly, warm and polite.  In addition to her personal skills, I have also been hugely impressed by her professional knowledge and by the time and patience she is prepared to give to her clients.” Sacha

“Jane is a great motivator for fitness classes and the gym. She always has a smile on her face and is very friendly. She always has time for people” Teri & James

“I thoroughly enjoy Jane’s exercise classes. She is a true professional and having attended many keep fit classes over the years, taken by many different Instructors, I regard Jane as the best I have ever come across. She is very  dedicated, always prepares for her classes (we do something different every week), she keeps herself up to date by regularly attending courses and always gives 110%” Sarah

“Jane Taylor is always positive, motivated, energetic and proactive. She is friendly and engaging and her behaviour always demonstrates professionalism when dealing with customers. She is warm and welcoming, making everyone  feel comfortable and engaged in the experience.” Vicki

“Thanks to Jane’s encouragement I have attended two or three classes per week for the past 10 years. When taking her classes Jane encourages us all to work to our own capabilities. She is always polite and helpful and makes her classes fun. Jane has an enthusiastic and happy nature that makes us all enjoy any class that she takes” Anne

“Over the past 10 years I have been a loyal devotee of all Jane’s classes. I have found Jane’s teaching to be excellent and I have also been impressed by her attitude towards her continued professional development. Jane has given me personal training and her passion and the skills she brings to the job are of the highest calibre” Jan

“I have been attending Jane’s classes for several years now. Her classes are always fun and her bright, bubbly personality always shines through. She has excellent motivational skills and is very understanding of individual capabilities” Denise

“I have been attending Jane’s classes for approximately 10 years. She is an extremely motivational teacher.” Helen