Gift vouchers

I’m not ready Christmas this early in the year, but I have had some questions about gift vouchers so here are the options available in case you like to get organised in advance.

massage therapy

Massage gift vouchers & packages:

Regular massage offers many benefits including reduced pain, improved mobility, stress-reduction, better sleep and a sense of general well-being. Giving the gift of massage will definitely improve your popularity!

I have three options available for sports massage vouchers –

I have created a 4 session package which is great for someone who has an on-going soft tissue concern, where an initial course of several treatments within a shorter space of time will help to reduce symptoms.

This voucher will give the recipient four treatments over the course of 10-weeks, taken at intervals to suit their schedule, and it will earn you a whole lot of brownie points! If you are buying this as a Christmas gift, the voucher can be dated to start from 6th January 2020

I also offer a 10 session package which can be a gift voucher for someone else, or a gift to yourself! I have a special offer available when one of these options is purchased by 29th November, giving 11 sessions instead of 10 at no extra charge.

If you are buying it as a Christmas gift it can be dated to start from 6th January 2020; if you are nearing the end of a current block of 10 sessions, the start date can be amended to follow-on immediately afterwards, so that you can still take advantage of the 11 for 10 price.

I can also set up a gift voucher for any specific amount to be off-set against future treatments. Please get in touch to arrange this bespoke option.

taylor-made fitness

Personal training packages:

I have recently introduced a 10 session package for personal training and this can also be purchased as a gift voucher. Please make sure your recipient will appreciate your gift before purchasing! Please get in touch to discuss and purchase this bespoke option.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about any of the voucher options or packages available Jx

Sports Massage – special offer

I started my new massage course a few weeks ago and as part of my training I need to record 36 log-book hours of massage treatments by 10th January 2020. I have decided to offer these at the reduced price so that I can hopefully encourage as many different bodies onto my couch as possible (see details below) 

36 for £36:

Each week, I will have three appointments available at this reduced price. There is no difference in the level of treatment you will receive, but you’ll pay £36 instead of the usual price (a saving of up to £29). In return I’ll simply require you to sign my logbook, to confirm you had a treatment with me.

Please let me know if you would like to book one of my 36 for £36 appointments and I’ll let you know how to book.

(t&c: offer is restricted to one reduced price treatment per person; offer available on 60-minute appointments only; there are a maximum of three £36 bookings available per week; offer is open to existing and new massage clients; treatments are based in Cranbrook; I am fully qualified and insured to offer clinical massage)

Also, I made a decision this week to only use unscented massage mediums from now on:

While I was on my course, I had a reaction to one of the essential oils in a massage wax. It made me feel nauseous, disrupted my sleep and triggered some anxiety symptoms in me, even though everyone else in the room loved it.

It served as a reminder that we are all so different in what we like or don’t like, and in how we react to different products. I have since restocked with massage waxes which do not include any essential oils. I now have three solid unscented waxes (all have a beeswax base & no chemical additives, one also has no nut oils), and an organic grapeseed oil (nut-free & vegan) so you have plenty of choice (and no essential oils) when you come for your treatment.

Look forward to seeing you soon – Jx