Move with me…

A couple of quick movement ideas to help you feel more comfortable in your body.

Upper & lower back:

A client was feeling very restricted in her upper and lower back movements today so we incorporated a few of these into her session. Happy to report she felt much more comfortable afterwards!

You might not need all of these but hopefully there are a couple of useful moves here that you can add into your day.

Sometimes we might think that we have to do a lot of movement to make a difference, but often the small moves & stretches we do throughout the day make a biggest difference to how we feel.

Child’s pose stretch with side bend:

I love this stretch! It feels SO good to stretch the side of the rib cage, from your armpit to your hip and this is a great way to do that.

Tight/weak hips?

This one is for your hips – moving them and strengthening them. Super-important as we get older…

I hope these short videos give you a few moves to add into your daily routine. Pick the ones that feel useful, ignore the ones that don’t. Adapt anything that feels not quite right for your body. Get help from an appropriate professional if you need specific guidance about moving your body.

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