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After weeks of planning and preparation it was great to launch Barre Pilates with a ‘barre & buck’s fizz’ class yesterday morning.

barre pilates

I was joined by ten gorgeous ladies who stepped up to the barre and embraced this beautiful, flowing class for the first time. They demi-pointed, and plied, and tendued as if they have been doing it all their life and then they sipped buck’s fizz before setting off out into the sunshine.  It was a lovely way to start the weekend.

As I was teaching the class I was reminded just how much I love this work. Taking a group of clients through a class is a real privilege –  being trusted with another person’s health & well-being is humbling, especially when they are trying out a new class format for the first time.

It is sometimes hard to take the first step into doing something new and I think as adults we can too often tend towards staying with familiar territory. But when we step outside our comfort zone, the rewards can be great.

barre pilatesFor those who came to ‘barre & buck’s fizz’ yesterday  there may be a little muscle soreness today, but that is a really positive sign of muscle fibres being tweaked and woken up. A relaxing bath using the salts in your goodie bag will definitely help. And the best news is that you will never ache as much as the first time you do a new class!


New Barre Pilates classes starting next week

For anyone just about to start Barre Pilates with me I have to apologise that we will not have buck’s fizz at the end of every class, but over the coming weeks you will notice that your:

  • legs and butt become more toned (without bulking up)
  • feet & ankles will become stronger and
  • increased awareness of your core muscles will enhance your posture

More than that I also hope you will have fun and enjoy the experience of each class as the term progresses.

I think there is something a bit playful about working-out at the barre – memories of childhood for some, a chance to relive ‘Fame’ for others, or just the chance to do something a little bit different perhaps. Whatever your reason for joining the class, I look forward to welcoming you when the fun starts next week


(classes are held on Tuesdays & Wednesdays – you can find details  and booking information can be found here)



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