What is Kettlercise?

What is Kettlercise?

Kettlercise is based on the traditional side of kettlebell training combined with modern-day sport science with the goal of promoting fat loss and body tone.

The exercises are dynamic and load-bearing but there is no impact (no jumping) and no complicated choreography to learn. The basic movement patterns mimic real life movements such as pushing, pulling, bending, reaching, twisting, squatting and lunging making this a truly functional exercise class.

triceps extensionIn a Kettlercise class we typically alternate exercises for the lower and upper body, or the front and the back of the body, to achieve an increased heart-rate via PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training. We can also achieve the same effect by alternating dynamic and static moves, which allows us to manage our workload during the class whilst still boosting our heart-rate (for example: a swing followed by a biceps curl).

This is an extremely efficient form of exercise which requires the body to quickly shunt the flow of blood from one extremity to another, and helps us to maintain an intensity that uses more energy and burns more calories both during and after the class.

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a cast-iron weight shaped like a cannon ball with a handle on the top. It is thought that they originated in Russia in the 18th century as a tool for weighing crops and then started to be used for strength athletics in the late 19th century.

Unlike a dumb-bell, the kettlebell has an offset centre of gravity which makes it ideal for swinging movements which build strength and endurance in the core, back, legs and upper body. Typical exercises such as swings, snatches and cleans use several muscle groups making them truly ‘whole body’ movements.

Who is the class for?

kettlebell upright rowI think the best thing about a Kettlercise class is that everyone works at their own intensity which means it is suitable for most people regardless of previous experience or current fitness levels. You choose the weight of your kettlebell; you work at your own pace; and you take rests when you need to. As each course progresses you will feel fitter and stronger and able to do more and rest less, but the choice is always yours.

As with all exercise, there can be risks if the movements are performed without proper education and progression. In my Kettlercise classes we always ‘practice’ the key movement patterns without the kettlebell as part of our warm-up and I will coach you through each exercise during the class, giving alternatives as required if any movement does not feel right for you.

For further details and information about my term-time Kettlercise class please click here and come swing with us.

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