How can Fitness Pilates help you?

How can Fitness Pilates help you?

In general terms, Pilates focuses on strengthening weak muscles and stretching areas of the body that are restricted, with a view to restoring muscle balance & reducing postural issues in the body.

Fitness Pilates builds on the key principles and original mat-work exercises that Joseph Pilates devised and brings the exercises up-to-date by adding functional adaptations, 3-dimensional movements and a whole-body focus.

Each class includes a range of standing and mat-work exercises designed to give you improved flexibility and mobility, a stronger core and a better back.

You will be guided through each exercise safely for your body with the specific goals of:

  • improving your posture in all positions
  • developing functional core strength to support your whole body
  • strengthening the muscles which surround your spine
  • creating stability in the pelvis and shoulder girdle
  • increasing mobility and range of movement
  • supporting activities of daily life (ie. walking, sitting, standing, lying down, getting up, carrying shopping, reaching up to a shelf, picking up the kids, getting into the car, etc, etc)
  • reducing stress and improving relaxation

mat-work pilates

I hold a Level 3 Pilates mat-work qualification and have been teaching Fitness Pilates for 8 years, during which time my classes have continually evolved. Over the course of each term we use a range of small equipment to vary your experience of the exercises and we will sometimes include fascial release work into the sessions too. We finish each class with a focus on breathing and relaxation before you step back into your life.

You do not need to have any previous experience as classes are taught in a progressive way to include all abilities.

My Fitness Pilates classes are suitable for the general population. If you have a specific spinal condition you may prefer to attend my SpineSafe™ Pilates class which is more deeply focused on chronic back pain issues. If you unsure which class to attend please email me for further information and advice.

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