Welcome to taylor-made fitness.

jane taylorWould you like to:

  • move more freely?
  • feel fitter, stronger or leaner?
  • exercise safely for your body?
  • improve posture & core strength?
  • reduce chronic pain symptoms?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Here’s how I can help you:

  • stretch, strengthen & realign with my Pilates classes, including mat-work and barre classes
  • reduce chronic pain, improve movement quality & manage stress with clinical massage
  • follow a bespoke fitness program with one-to-one personal training
  • tone & define with my low-impact, high-energy Kettlercise™ class
  • take time to breathe, grow, learn & be YOU within the nurturing space of my ‘take time’ retreats for women

massage therapy massage therapy achilles heel

Where am I?

I am based in Cranbrook in Kent & my classes are held in nearby venues.

Personal training sessions are offered in your home or a location of your choice (within a 15 mile radius of Cranbrook).

Clinical massage is based in my home treatment room in Cranbrook.



barre & buck’s fizz

After weeks of planning and preparation it was great to launch Barre Pilates with a ‘barre & buck’s fizz’ class yesterday morning. I was joined by ten gorgeous ladies who stepped up to the barre and embraced this beautiful, flowing class for the first time. They demi-pointed, and plied, and tendued as if they have …