Welcome to taylor-made fitness.

jane taylorWould you like to:

  • move more freely?
  • feel fitter, stronger or leaner?
  • exercise safely for your body?
  • improve posture & core strength?
  • reduce chronic pain symptoms?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Here’s how I can help you:

  • stretch, strengthen & realign with my Pilates classes, including mat-work and barre classes
  • reduce chronic pain, improve movement quality & manage stress with clinical massage
  • follow a bespoke fitness program with one-to-one personal training
  • tone & define with my low-impact, high-energy Kettlercise™ class
  • take time to breathe, grow, learn & be YOU within the nurturing space of my ‘take time’ retreats for women

massage therapy massage therapy achilles heel

Where am I?

I am based in Cranbrook in Kent & my classes are held in nearby venues.

Personal training sessions are offered in your home or a location of your choice (within a 15 mile radius of Cranbrook).

Clinical massage is based in my home treatment room in Cranbrook.



What is Kettlercise?

What is Kettlercise? Kettlercise is based on the traditional side of kettlebell training combined with modern-day sport science with the goal of promoting fat loss and body tone. The exercises are dynamic and load-bearing but there is no impact (no jumping) and no complicated choreography to learn. The basic movement patterns mimic real life movements …